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The life of me Alex [entries|friends|calendar]

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update and clarify [12 Sep 2006|03:24pm]
[ mood | sore ]

1st off I want to clarify 2 people wrote comments in my last post and I think they got confused. I wasn't saying I didn't like college I love college. I was simply saying how I miss people from home when I'm here but I do miss people from bethany when I'm here too so I hope that helps everyone. So right now I'm at bethany having a great time I live in phi kappa tau it's great I love hanging with my brothers. My roomate is great well it's more like roomates but that's a different story. I worked out really for the 1st time ever I really only worked out at gym and stuff well see I kind of want to gain some weight more muscle than anything else. So I'm gonna try to work out dan and kemp helped me they are like my trainers but I'm pretty sore right now but I need to do it I talked some of u guys about it and I really think it should help me if I gained 20 pounds I would be so happy I weigh like 127 last time I checked 147 I would be really happy with. oh my brother returns home this weekend k I'm out peace.

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random thoughts... [12 Aug 2006|02:35am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I have been thinking a lot lately. don't u ever wish that u could just slow time a little bit? or maybe go back and rewind ur life. I miss so much of the past of my life I wih I could a lot of stuf over. I miss the days of not working. I fear a lot of the unknown and I just I wish I could slow down time. I have been very deprssed well not very depressed but somewhat I mean no one can even tell. I just feel my life is going WAY too fast. I wish I could do my whole high school experience over again if I could I would in a heartbeat. I guess highschool is kind of like a learning lesson for not too let it slip by or soon it will be gone and I should enjoy college like that. I don't know y people are so anxious to stop high school. I mean I love college but I loved high school too. I think it's mainly because I'm leaving some of friends well some are leavin me soon too. And I realize that there are only a couple friends here at home that I could tell anything to and feel comfortable with. I was so sad to leave bethany but now I'm getting pretty sad at leaving wadsworth I think it's cause I'm lazy at home. and class is gonna make me not be lazy. of course rooming with nate is gonna be a blast!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know maybe I'm just weird I'll probably be fine once I get there but right now I don't know and I really should get to sleep I just feel weird lately. well anyways I leave the 26th this week till friday I am gone at advance which is church camp for post high school kids then home till 26th so let's hang out. and oh it'll probably be hard cause my work hates me and is making me work late lately even though I have a lot of seniority of the baggers stupid people errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. oh well I'm gonna try to go to sleep....

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bored so I update!!!!!! [10 Jul 2006|07:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so bored so I'm updating right now. hmmmm not a lot is going on my mom and dad just left for colorado. I am so bored and my phone went dead and so did my cell and I'm just staying online hoping someone will want to do something I might just go to sleep. I thought my friends wanted to do soemthing with me this week but they really didn't it's kind of boring with some of my friends gone. Matt said he might spend the night but who knows how he is gonna let me know we'll see. I was hoping me jackie and matt would hang out but doesn't look like that oh well k well that was a pointless update but yeah I'm out.

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hmmm... [18 Jun 2006|01:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well this week was kind of blah my sister come home monday it was great to see her. Next weekend sunday-monday going to see her and hiramers!!!!!!!!! I haven't really talked to her but she seems like she is having fun time. Well monday and tuesday night I did notting. Wedneday went to jays it was fun we watched a movie that was kind of screwed up good at first but then weird haha. Thursday me, scott, and matt went 1st to betsy's but she didn't want to do anything haha then went to colin's and man his bro and sister are SO FUNNY!!!!!!!! From his sister being a pole dancer to his brother trying to throws bikes and stuff at me. Then went to kmart and drug mart to get cards and come back and they just left. Then friday work and bucks graduation party then work. today went to corey's graduation party then to jackie's then to jays and all we did was talk it was great to just talk about everything I love friends!!!!!!!!! But here's that make me mad 1. there is way too much drama is my friends group I mean I love my friends but there is way too much drama. 2. my parents especially mom hates me this week. Well this week will hopefully be fun I do miss bethany so sad. oh and I want to see the blue tip if anyone wants to go with him please tell im me or leave a comment well I'm out. peace!!!!!!!

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my week!!!!!!!!!! [09 Jun 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

my week has been really good and I can't believe everything has happened this wee it almost feels like 2. k well here we go...
monday- I can't really think of anything I did at all. I went to my brothers family night which was really fun.
tuesday- my sister left for camp and paul(friend from bethany) come pretty much pretty close to each other. Then we went to brit's mom place, wal-mart, kohls target to find an indians jersey. paul and I helped my grandma and bought something for my grandma paul wanted to see like everything and I think he did I got him bids cause yeah it's good.
wednesday- paul woke me up I'm diffentely not a morning person good thing I'm not alicia who is working at 7 am in the morning haha but I think ur body gets use to it. took bath then went to ntb and they pissed me off.well lets say I had to get tired change and called my dad to make sure it was okay to get all 4 changed. Then he asked if that was my debit well my mom gave me that debit to use and I said "no it's my mom but she said it was okay" "well she might have to stop and pay it herself this is a big corporation if we have rules against this I will have to tal to the manager when he comes in about this". well it made me mad because my sister went in only 2 days ago had no problem. and I come back and the manager come and said it was okay just take his liscense info and have him sign it and it would be better if ur mom was here. I said well my sister came like a week ago and had no problem. People just make me mad I know it was the policy if the company but still well then waited for randy (friend from bethany), brit (west liberty), and brit's brother josh. so went to fairlawn and bought indians tickets asked if we got college id and we did except brit's brother was in high school haha and she didn't check so we all got the half-off deal. It was great we creamed them we had some drunk women in front of us that was amazing great seats right by bullpen. and we had great time just talking in car man I miss bethany!!!!! Then come home anda called on alicia's phone from camp and then talked to sarah that was entertaining haha.
today-showed paul the glory of anne's which I haven't had in a long time which use to be the thing me and alicia would get up walk and get anne's mom gave us money now I pretty much pay for own stuff wow. then paul left I went to sleep. Pretty boring day. Went to see over the hedge with scott and betsy well I thought it was gonna be one of those movies to make fun of like me and scott do a lot well it was actually good except it had a lot of adult humor like I don't know where my nuts are and I found my nuts haha. Then went to applebees with scott and sara that was fun. I love those too. Then I was driving scott well I we went to buy a grad card I decided I will probably be broke next year cause of how expensive they are. and I need to do stuff with no money cause I have been spending WAY too much money lately. And today I missed alicia a lot I just wonder how she is doing because at school I would im her all the time and well she is always busy doing something and well she is just busy doing something like working. and will get worst with her going to participate it the various activities because that's alicia she goes full forse into everything and alicia loves camp. Well alicia I will see one weeekend and some various days so shouldn't be too bad. And I will go during hiram week debating which day should go I think I should tell them to let me one day and ask both off. well this weekend pick up adam and hope I don't get lost see alicia usually picks up adam and I'm not great with directions I have directions right in front of me when I go so I should be good. oh and work work probably work todd's grad party. well I'm gonna finish watching tv then bed that's my life...

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amazing just amazing... [30 May 2006|12:13am]
[ mood | confused ]

it's just really amazing how people can change within a course of one year. I know I have changed and some people at home don't even realize it. Almost all of my friends from home have changed either for the good or the bad. Some have matured to no belief. I mean still like all my friends but it's just weird about how some have changed. I know I have changed and I hope people still like me. Okay enough my ranting well life at wadsworth is great I'm finally glad I'm home but I do miss my bethany friends soooooooooooooooooo much. Well my parents are gonna be gone for 2 weeks which I'm a little nervous about my mom said I can have friends spend the night every night so hopefully they do except the days I have to work very late cause I HATE being alone. That's why I think I hated college for the 1st couple weeks because I didn't feel comfortable and didn't know people and felt alone but I'm over that and love college. What else making tons of money at Giant eagle for Bethany they are giving me really good hours which helps cause I need money for college and plus every penny that I don't of the half I have to save I will have to get out of college loans I think and still haven't gotten my fiancial aide report. oh and Beth is fired got thing cause she was just plain mean she should of got fired for ethics but actually got fired for selling underage which is probabl the 1st and only mistake she ever made oh well. I love friends I try to decide which friends are better and I can't both bethany friends and wadsworth friends are amazing and wouldn't trade them for anything not sure which ones are better. I need to call people i haven't done a good job in keeping in contact with friends but if they haven't contacted me besides travis maybe they don't want to stay in touch in summer oh well I'm out now take care my.

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homework and what not... [10 May 2006|12:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

k well I'm home from school which is sad at this POINT. I mean I believe I don't think it will be this bad for the whole I mean once school ends for my friends it will be good I mean besides thursday when I went to bids with a couple of my friends I haven't seen any of my friends really. I mean this weekend is prom/band banquet so saturday I might see some of my friends who aren't going to prom so hopefully it'll be a good saturday. I really do miss matthew reichenbach so hopefully he'll be home saturday but we'll see. I do miss my bethany friends a lot just right now the fall looks so far which is sad difference a year makes cause last year I never wanted the year to end getting ready to graduate and now I miss bethany. Well now back to talk about work I went back to work at giant eagle there are some changes very weird how things change when I leave like managemnt team the others transferred. But there's also drama with the whole beth situation which as most of u know I do not like this lady at all and have put up with a lot with her. Well on sunday I had a LOT of carts to put away and well it took me a while and I come back in and she exploded on me and said "Alex I got enough work to do without doing ur job". But my arguement was you want the lot clear and it was my lot time and I would not of gotten it done had I not stayed there doing it that long. Well one of my coworkers saw her doing that and was not very happy about it and I told her I had situations like once she told me I had no common sense and she said she would talk to the front end manager for me and she did and said beth did not make alex very comfortable well then she came back and said after talking to her " I don't know who said this but I'm not saying anything bad about u". I don't think she realizes what she says to me not behind my back. but on the place side she was much nicer to me probably because she realizes that others see her not being nice and I guess some other guy said something and she was more mean to him so she is eventually gonna get the hint cause people are now starting to complain about her and she better stop or she'll be gone but I doubt she'll be gone. Unless there's enough serious complaints about how bad she treats people. Well I am working 26 hours this week hoping to work at cam paradise still and finally praxis forms. sister comes home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then leaves june 6th I'll hopefully visit her and rest of my hiramers and other staffers I know. I'm gonna miss hiram this year I mean I have advanced but I'm just gonn miss soooooooooooooo many people at hiram. oh well I'm out now peace.

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I can't believe it's almost over.. [02 May 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

wow this year has been such a rollercoaster. I can't believe it's almost over I made so many memories I love bethany college so much. I'm excitted to go home but not at the same time because man am I gonna miss this place and the people here so much!!!!!!! But I am super excitted at the same time to spend the whole summer with my friends who don't see as much as I wish 3 months great. And next year is gonna be great I am super excitted about living with nate he is awesome and living in phi tau I can't wait. If the next 3 years are this great it's gonna be something special. This last semester has been really great from becoming a brother of phi tau and meeting some of my bestest friends there to just what not, big-lil night, bid night, formal with the best and whatever. So thanks everyone at bethany for a great year and wadsworth here I come...

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life of me... [14 Apr 2006|12:03am]
[ mood | bored ]

even though no one ever reads this I'm gonna update and plus a lot of my friends from wadsville aren't ever on I think they might of died. So yeah I'm home for easter break I don't know if I'll be able to hang out with my friends from wadsville I haven't talked to my home friends in like ever so I doubt they even know I'm home. Well what is going on got iniated yesterday into my fraternity. that's excitting. Paddle ceromony like last week and my paddle to dan suxed and the paddle he gave me rocks and my pledge name is maverick. which if you don't the big makes a paddle for the little and the little makes a paddle for the big and the big makes a pledge name and puts it on the paddle. I can't wait till I get letters and can wear them I can wear them now but don't have any. My bday is less than a month. I found out that I have no finals again this semester. I really don't want school to end I really don't know what I'm coming home I mean I have friends but most them have school for another month alicia doesn't come home till midmay and then she leaves in june. Plus like I do stuff with my friends at high school but my life is WAY more exciting in college and plus I won't be seeing much of my friends in college. A lot of them live a far ways away. This year has gone incredibly fast I probably won't come back till sometime finals week because well I'm giving a tour on the 29th and I think I have something else but don't know what. Oh Phi Taus formal was last weekend it was awesome but of course Megan I never have a bad time with her. I'm gonna miss her so much this summer and well she's a senior next year it's gonna sux especially since it just seems like I'm starting to know her I just start to know her this semester. Yeah after next year it will be so sad I have so many junior friends which is the opposite of high school when I had like freshman friends when I was junior weird how things change but of course there isn't anyone younger than me now. okay I'm out if I make any sense congrats to me k well peace out bye!!!!!!!!

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life is good... [22 Mar 2006|10:01am]
[ mood | bored ]

I really shouldn't write in this cause I write a big long entry and I don't really get any comments anymore. Well nothing really is going on last week came back from spring break and there was mission possible and it was unbelievable and went very good. That was such a busy weekend I went from dinner at phi tau then to mission possible then back to phi tau for the rest of the activities cause dan told me I had to come back afterwards. So I didn't spend the night at pendleton the 1st night. So that was a busy night then the next day was very good it was very stressfull but great weekend I am so glad that we do this this is such a gret thing and hopefully it keeps growing. I got a b on my psych test yesterday woot woot. What else unity week is next week which is a week where I stay at the house in dan's room it ought to be fun. I can't believe it's almost april this year is going so incredibly fast!!!!!!!!!! Well don't know what else to write but yeah I'm out.

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spring break and stuff... [11 Mar 2006|11:45pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well my spring break went pretty good besides the last 2 days pretty uneventful but it was nice just to be lazy yeah!!!!!!! by te way I don't know y I update cause no one really reads it haha. Well yesterday seemed like it was all set in stone well some parents didn't like the idea of going to luigi's so me, bianca, jay, jackie, rachael, scott, matthew and 2 mike hall's brother and sister(bianca was babysitting them). Well it was fun then after pizza hutt me and matt decided to go to get my fiance (kristen walling) her engagement ring. and then we were gonna met them at mike hall's house. Well we though hey they will be in drug mart well the little machines didn't have any rings went up and down the isles and didn't find them. Well then I'm like k-mart well our kmart doesn't have much I don't even understand how it is still here but that's besides the point well it didn't have the ring and matt wanted to leave and I'm like well let's check the isles of course it didn't have it. Then we went to walmart and matt is like walmart has everything it'll have it well let's just say there was a machine with rings in it and the claw thing I only had dollar bills that machine accepted dollars so I'm like hey I'll go in the claw machine and get the change and go to the other one no it stole my whole dollar errrrrrrrrrrrrr oh well. So then went down the isles barbie aisle says dress up so we go down with all these 50 year old ladies and stuff and I look and there is a jar of ring and I scream "I found it!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahahaha it was great!!!!!!!! then it was 9:15 well he's my best friend and well I didn't want to take him home right away since I won't see him till may or june so I decided to buy him icecream and we can hang out they had band contest in the morning and his mom is like be home at 10. so tried dairy queen it's closed y would u close it at 9:15 or so then I said u want a frosty at wendy's so I got him a frosty and we talked. Then took him home got a call from betsy to go see them at applebees so I then I went to mike hall's house and then jackie, rachael, scott and I went to applebees for 2 sec. Then got jackie's stuff she was spenting the night then hung out for a while missed saying bye to jay which I still feel bad aboout but oh well. Then we said our goodbyes and well took rachael then scott home. So that was goodnight except for a couple reasons but u know what it is if ur not I'm not causing drama haha. Then today went to see my brother for 2 hours which was really good I love my brother I'm gonna miss him!!!!!!!!! Then went to get dan and alicia, dan and I hung out with kristen she loved my ring haha. but it was great night like we at burritos and went to some store it seriously was so much fun I will do love kristen and dan is really cool and man this summer is also gonna be so weird without camp in the summer I mean I'll have advanced to not spend my week with my hiramers is gonna be so weird I mean it has been weird w/o midwinter man!!!!!!!!! hopefully I can come and visit me hiramers yeah and my sister and anyone else on staff. yeah my sister got staff so I get to be an only child and I think I'm gonna hate it and I'm gonna miss her so much I might be calling her a lot cause well she won't have internet so yeah. well hopefully this summer is as good as last but I doubt it oh well. well going to go to bed oh bethany is tomorrow I can't I miss everyone yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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it's great to be home!!!!!!!! [05 Mar 2006|11:30pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so I'm so glad right now to be home and just relax. the 1st night alicia, me, adam and kari (my sister's friend) just stayed up and talked all night. it was nice i have missed my sister and brother so much. I love them to pieces. I am proud of my brother it seems he really wants to change now he has been lifting and wow he is much bigger than he was. He has read matthew mark luke and john omg it's great I'm so proud of him. and of course my sister is just great cause she is my sister. my brother was her till 6 then like 6:45 I went out and hung out with friends omg here is what happened. went from my house to scott's house then to colin to see if he wanted to go then to corey (who lives on the same street he didn't want to come) then to matt's then we went to the bowling alley and jackie didn't want to bowl so we went to jay's house and was very confused cause didn't know where exactly it was then saw bianca and jay but they didn't go but we went to target yes wadsworth has a target man I've been in my bethany bubble I didn't know it happens last time kohls was open when I come back so weird and man is wadsworth building up so weird it keeps changing. anyways so jackie, matt, scott, colin and I all went to target and played with baby toys oh we are such losers haha we got so many weird looks but it was funny haha. k so then we called sara and she was with 2 other people and then we went to applebees it was around 9 and we stayed and just talked till like 12:30 haha but it was fun catching up with them I missed them soooooooooooooooooooooo much. and hopefully we'll hang out soon again. Well today was church and was great to see all mi church people then went shopping with mi madre which was fun then just layed around the house. So I'm glad to be home but it's weird I really do like my friends here don't get me wrong but my life is so much more excitting at college but it's great to see everyone and after the stressfull week I had last week be lazy for the most part. I have hw to do errrrrrrrrrrrrr. and it's in my major and I have to get a B oh well. Tomorrow is going to be kind of boring until like 7 when I see my brother again because well my sister is going to kent to see her boyfriend so just me and the dogs sounds like fun oh well. well I'm out peace out everyone!!!!!!!!!

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life and lent... [01 Mar 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

anyways life is going good phi tau is great we picked our big brother and I got Dan Fox!!!!!!!!! which I'm really happy about I consider him a friend and he pretty told me from day one if I needed anything or any questions problems to come to him so it was pretty much not that hard he was pretty much like my big b4. I hope he realizes how much I am so glad he is my big and I hope he feels the same. I can't wait to go home and see my friends and family back home alicia's spring break is same time as mine woot woot!!!! mission possible march 17-19 I can't wait it'll be fun hopefully some hiram love comes this way. this week is very stressfull this test is gonna kill me I hopefully I get a good grade cause this is in my education class and I have to do work when home. guess what I'm giving up for lent it's to stop picking my nails 40 days omg haha well I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!

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stole from alicia.. [20 Feb 2006|06:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

k well everything is good I'm coming home in like less than 2 weeks and I'm really excited because 1. it will be adam's 1st week back and 2. alicia's gonna be home 3. see my friends who I've pretty much ignored sorry. well what is going on picked my big brother we'll just see what happens. I really like being in phi tau it's great sam quit but he seems very stressed out with baseball and everything. going to pittsburgh for like this retreat type thing this weekend. I talked to scott online and matt on the phone that made me happy k well I'm done here's my quiz cause I'm bored....
A - Available? yes
A - Age: 20
A - Annoyance: complainers
B - Best Friends? jackie, betsy, matt, todd, paul, britney and alicia lena
B - Bar: bubbas and bethany haha

C - Crush: no one
C - Car: dodge neon
C - Cat: snow
D - Dead Pets Name: jasmine
D - Dads Name: Steve
D - Dog: bashful and honey
E - Easiest person to talk to: matt or alicia
E - Eggs: scrambled
E - Email: ahess@bethanywv.edu

F - Favorite color? red
F - Food: pizz
F - Foreign Slang: none

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears
G - God: awesome
G - Good Times: fun
H - Hair Color: brown
H - Height: 6'3"
H - Happy: see family soon!!!!!!

I - Ice Cream: good
I - Instrument: baritone
I - Idol: american :-p
J - Jewelry: watch broke sad
J - Job: giant eagle's bitch
J - Joke: don't got one

K - Kids: someday
K - karate: no
K - kung fu: no

L - Longest Car Ride: not sure wisconsin maybe
L - Love or lust: love
L - Love: need more of it

M - Milk Flavor: 2%
M - Mothers Name: Becky
M - Movie Last Watched: ??
N - Number of Siblings: 1 brother 1 sister
N - Northern or Southern: Northern
N - Name: Alexander John

O - One Wish? great time with bro when go home
O - One Phobia? rejection
O - Otter Pop: what the freak?

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: married
P - Part of your appearance you like best: face I guess
P - Part of your Personality you like best: postive attitude
Q - Quote: All things are possible with jesus christ the lord and savior ( hopefully I said it right)
Q - Question for the next person: cause I'm bored. do u like chicken on a cloud when it's cold outside in the month of may?
Q - Quick or Slow?: slow
R - Reason to smile: nothing is bad right now
R - Reality TV Show: idol
R - Right or Left: right

S - Song Last Heard: traded it all listening to it now
S - Season: winter!!!!!!!!!!!
S - Sex: male

T - Time you woke up: um in order 10:15, 8:45, 11, 8:45,11,8:45, 12 or so
T - Time Now: 6:28
T - Time for bed: 12-3

U - Unknown Fact about me: everyone is sick in bethany
U - Unicorns?: want one
U R - bored

V - Vegetable you hate: not sure
V - Vegetable you love: peas
V - View on Politics: not even sure my roomate says he thinks I'm liberal but he's dumb.

W- Worst Habits: picking finger nails
W- Where are you going to travel next? bathroom or see paul.
W- Weight: 120-130
X - X-Rays: a couple
X - X-Rated Porn: a couple times last one was softcore porn that they weren't doing anything but moving legs up and down.
X - X-xtra special someone: ur mom!!!!!!!
Y - Year you were born: 19 1985
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow?: my mommys favorite color

Z - Zoo Animal: monkey
Z - Zodiac: taurus I think
Z - Zoolander: cool word

First Best Friend: joey
First Hamster: buddy
First Piercing: never
First Crush: not sure
First CD: don't remember
First Car: neon
First Love: haven't got one yet
First Stuffed Animal: not sure

Last Beverage: pop
Last Vehicle Ride: ride from cafe
Last Movie Seen: bond I think while paul and I ate pizza.
Last Phone Call: matthew
Last CD Played: none
Last Bubble Bath: forever ago
Last Time You Cried: after failed quiz thinking I couldn't make it.

Have you ever dated one of your best friends: I guess and she hates me.
Have you ever been arrested: no
Have you ever skinny dipped: yes
Have you ever been on TV: wctv baby haha
Have you ever kissed someone and then regretted it: no
Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew: who hasn't haha.

1. t-shirt
2. hoodie
3. underwear
4. pants
5. socks
6. shoes
7. pin for phi tau

1. went to class
2. ate
3. peed
4. went to post office to find out it was closed
5. talked online to scottih
6. calewled mom and matth

1. god
2. family
3. friends
4. college
5. church family

1. matthew
2. alex
3. betsy
4. jackie

1. eat or drink: drink
2. blonde or brunette: blonde
3. pink or black: black

1. get married
2. fall in love

1. my family

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update time... [01 Feb 2006|03:31pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Well school is going really busy. I decided to join a fraternity which was probably the best thing I could of done everyone is awesome and meeting a lot of people and staying busy. see no I have chapter tuesday wednesday the well and adoc on thursday tomorrow is our 1st one yeah!!!!!!!!! Well I found out that anne jurey is retiring our youth group and she has been a huge role model in my life and I look up to her so much. it's just said cause she an amazing women I hope they find someone good to replace her even though u can't really replace her. well I'm out I'm kind of bummed about that.

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k I decided to update... [24 Jan 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

well school is going good been VERY busy. I think it'll been a little harder. It is also amazing how I have changed my opinion like 180 degrees which is really weird. k so here's the story I come to college saying I would NEVER join a fraternity but I think I might actually join one. like I guess it started with last week when dan fox, joe mcclane and my ra was asking people if people were going down to the house and they looked me straight in the face and I can't say no if I don't have an excuse so I just went up met a lot of cool guys. and dan fox showed me the chapter room where they have there meeting well he also told me how he was against the whole greek system and everything. well also sarah blakely who is in adoc with me has talked to me saying she didn't want to join. well then I've been thinking about and then I did decide to rush which is just a process doesn't mean ur in u check out the houses and what not. Well it is not as bad as I thought there are some that drink or smoke or what not. But it isn't as bad a party house as I thought in fact I would say about half of them don't even drink or smoke. I keeping thinking about and it's like I have made some friends but not and this would be a great chance to meet a lot of people there have like mixer parties and stuff which is parties with other houses and stuff. And plus being in a fraternity will help me make friends. One of the main reasons in my ra doesn't drink and he is in this fraternity and doesn't drink but I guess we'll see. I still have to talk to mom and dad about it which is like it costs a lot of money so we'll see how that goes. I know I would not do this if I was in a bigger school but in the smaller school it isn't that bad well atleast at bethany. And plus I did tell them a long time ago that I didn't even believe in this but I changed my mind I don't know I guess we'll see I'm kind of scared to talk to them but we'll see. Plus my best friend here might join it and he doesn't smoke or drink. and a bunch of the other cool people if I get a bid a phi tau I would like to join but I guess we'll see. well if u read this u actually care well we'll I'm out peace out yo!!!!!!

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going back to college... [15 Jan 2006|12:22am]
well I'm going back to college I'm kind of excitted but kind of not. I am good friends with like everyone at college especially the people on my floor the key work is "good" not great. I mean I have maybe a couple great friends but that's it. and one doesn't even go to my college hmmmmmmmmmm. My better friends are in high school and I would love to be in college with them cause they are really like everything someone could ask for. Now do I hate college now I do think it is better than high school but is my friends from college or high school. High school. Now I'm not like krista or even alicia who thinks college is the greatest thing to happen I believe I will make some great friends it just will come. It has been a great month a month that had like 3 movie parties all great a movie parties me working and making a lot of money at college. But I got a feeling I'm gonna be fine once I get there a little homesickness but that's all. It might also be because I will come back in april for easter but besides that I won't see them I am going to new orleans in april. There is really only 2 things that I did not do during spring break that I wanted to do go see giant burrito which alicia and I tried it just didn't work out and see craig which I blame myself for that oh well. I don't know why I even update this thing who even reads this??? besides a couple people. Well today I had a bunch of people come over for 40 year old virgin party well thursday we went and bought jackie flavored candoms and box of condoms. my best friend matt crack me up he had way too much fun buying the condom and candy for jackie just cause we bought it from this old lady then we went into the car and of course tasted some of them haha. don't taste condoms bad aftertaste and leaves ur mouth feeling like rubber oh and my finger were all slimy and I broke one haha I don't think it tasted too bad haha. So today I had people over to watch 40 year old virgin have people over and what not. gave jackie her present she loved in she said it's weird eating candy with condoms on top haha. One thing that is great my fear of drifting apart for the most part was totally false I have kept in contact with the people I wanted yes it's only been one but still. we loved 40 year old virgin liked I really am gonna miss them they are my best friends thank u everyone for a great time. And on a side not it was great see my family too especially my brother it's great by the time I come back this summer he will be able to come home every other weekend yeppers!!!!!!!!!!! oh and pray for my sister her cat died today and she seems really upset about it I feel bad for her I think I would feel that way if I lost bashfull well I'm gonna go now bethany here I come...
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I hate work especially when she works......... [02 Jan 2006|10:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

k today was probably the worst day of work ever and I seriously have never hated someone so much in my life. I have tried to like her but seriously my one cordinator beth might be the reason if I ever quit giant eagle I work so hard and some how I just can't please her at all. it would be one thing if she said I do something wrong and not criticize me but she 2 things that made me really mad she told me I don't use common sense and that I can't do anything right. I'm sorry I'm venting but it makes me mad cause becky (manager) tells me how much she appreaciates me I get along with everyone else but that lady. I am seriously trying my best but all she can do is put me down errrrrrrrrrr. oh well It's been 57 minutes I'm still mad about it k well that's my day.

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christmas is gonna be different this year... [18 Dec 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I have been avoiding this but I know christmas is gonna be so weird and I know it. Well first adam wrote saying how he is gonna miss the christmas eve service even and it's gonna be weird that night I don't even know if I want to open the present on christmas eve. See every year on christmas eve we open one present and it's usually from like one of us and of course it will be weird. The only thing is next year could be great christmas cause adam could be giving me a great christmas present well our whole family. Sorry this rant but I just starting thinking after well we decorated the tree and well my mom was about to hang adam's 1st christmas ordament and she just busted out crying and made me think about how different it is gonna be this year without him. oh sorry I hate to rant. oh yeah this christmas break I am think I am gonna be working a LOT both good and bad. Well atleast I'll get money which I really need after christmas haha. Well here's my schudelle wednesday 3-11, thursday 11-7, friday 5-11, saturday 1-5. I just hope I work with the nice both or I will be mad haha k well I'm out.

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Long time no update... [14 Dec 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

man I used to update this thing all the time but well ever since college I don't I don't know oh well. I'm really busy well I might be updating everyday cause well I'm home now yeah!!!!!!!!!! Well college is great I love bethany and the people on my floor are the best. now my better friends are still from high school but I'm starting to make some cool friends. I pretty much get along with everyone on the floor it is great!!!!!!!! I am adjusting a lot better then I thought by the beggining of january I bet I will be ready to go back haha. Well these last two weeks have been well AWESOME!!!!! It just been so great I remeber my pastor saying how great the 2 weeks are before coming home and he was right. Well during break here are few things I plan on doing hang out with my family, friends going to giant burrito in shaker heights, craig in tallmadge, hanging out with britney tons and tons cause I love her. k she is turning into one of my best friends and the weird thing is she goes to west liberty which is the college right next to mine I might her through one of my friends who goes to bethany (paul) and now she is going out with his roomate and she just moved recently to seville and doesn't know many people. So hopefully we can hang out a lot cause I really do think she is awesome she has a great personality. and maybe I'll hang out with her and jordan but we'll have to see about jordan went to west lib now is transferring and we are gonna miss her but hopefully we can hang out a lot too cause I love her she lives near canton so yeah. and of course I get to be giant eagle's bitch which makes me depressed but happy cause I get money since I spent so much at the bookstore for christmas present for family. I might go on winter retreat for advance I meant to ask keven he goes to bethany and is a good friend of mine he is awesome he is a disciple and went to williamton conference. and craig if there going but we'll see if anyone is really going. well k well as you can everything is good so if u want to hang out with me I have a month so hang out with me cause I love u all!!!!!!!!!!

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